Participate to an original rally!

Find the clues in a cultural and original place! With your team, discover the secrets of the Louvre, Opéra Garnier, Orsay or Arts Premiers, or go to amazing places such as Versailles or Les Passages Couverts.



Incentive and teambuilding
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Incentive and teambuilding in Paris

The rally is a team challenge that takes place in an exlusive and amazing place. It enables to federate team cohesion while discovering art works and having fun. Ideal to streghten the links between collaborators, to thank your clients, or to have a fun break during a seminar. 



  • Opéra Rally
  • Arts Premiers Rally

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Opéra Rally

Discover the backstages of the Opera, a place loaded of History which might not leave you indifferent!



Da Vinci Code Rally

Discover the Louvre Museum and solve different kinds of enigmas about paintings and sculptures of the most...

Orsay Rally

The famous Orsay Museum, its sculptures and impressionists welcome you for a fascinating treasure hunt through the collections!


Arts Premiers Rally

The Museum of Quai Branly shows the primitive cultures arts: an amazing opportunity to discover the...